This Town


Words and Music by Kami Lyle 


This town was September leaves

When I ran away from home

Coffee chained and bleary eyed

College girl out on her own

Almost made it to Thanksgiving

Heard a voice

And I did as I was told

This town always called me home


This town is a photograph

Of a lover I used to know

He made me cry, made me laugh

Right now heÕs covered with snow

Midnight diner

Christmas Eve

We were crazy, we were cold

This town always called me home


               Now all the bands have gone or changed

Who the hell is Eddie and the Fast Lane

And none of these bouncers here even know my name

They donÕt even know

    my name


Now this townÕs just a coffee cup

And my dusty highway hair

And crowds of people reaching up

To a waitress who donÕt care

Now they analyze my war wounds

Roll their eyes

Look away and call me old

This town always called me home


© Copyright 2005 Criterion Music Corp./St. Robin Music (ASCAP)