Is It Now


Words and Music by Kami Lyle



Well it’s not for lack of trying

That my heart can’t stop its sighing

Is it now


I’ve read every bedtime story

But the endings always bore me

They always seem

To show me how


Love will triumph over sadness

Love will always save the day

Well tell whoever wrote that madness

Love got lost along its way


Me and love should go out walking

‘cause it needs a little talking to

‘talking about me and you…


See the evening star is sinking

Lightning bugs are blinking

In slow good-byes


And I thought I saw you winking

‘probably wishful thinking

But then I think how blind am I


To signals I should be receiving

Simple as a lullaby

Oh, but looks can be deceiving

Maybe something’s in his eye


I bet the sheep I should have counted

Are long ago asleep

What time is it now

Is it now


                              Eight, nine, ten, eleven

                              We could be in Heaven

                              By the stroke of midnight, boy

                              Angels if you’re listening

                              I’m just asking

                              For a single kiss

                              Not Illinois


Now the evening wraps around us

Rustling to the sound of

A cat’s meow


Crazy love has finally found us

Like all the stories promised

And made me a believer now


That your lips are getting closer

And I ought to close my eyes

Probably I should say, “No, sir!”

But there’s oh, so little time


To await the final moment

When your lips are touching mine

Is it now, is it now

Is it…

© Copyright 2005 Criterion Music Corp./St. Robin Music (ASCAP)