I Was on the Moon


Words and Music by Kami Lyle



I wasnÕt there to whisper to her

Or take her hand off of your shoulder

Darling, no

I was gone

I was on the moon


I wasnÕt there to stop you and your kisses

Or tell her this is just a man to

Make her cry

How could I even try

I was on the moon


I wish IÕd listened to the voice in my head

That said, ÒJust keep your feet on the groundÓ

But itÕs hard to listen to a word your head is wishinÕ

When itÕs high above in the clouds


You took me up to heaven, yeah didnÕtcha

And then I went and fell in love

Never again

IÕd say with that IÕm through

Starlight and romance too

Even if I did enjoy the view

It hurt too much to fall

I was on the moon


© Copyright 2005 Criterion Music Corp./St. Robin Music (ASCAP)