Kami Lyle's Biography

“Trumpet or Girl Scouts, pick one.” And so, on her ninth birthday, Kami Lyle waved goodbye to the scouts and bolted for the Schmidtt’s Music Store in Minneapolis, MN. There, in a glass case, a shiny silver trumpet waited for her, less than a mile from the hospital where she herself was born.

A few years later, borrowing big sister’s ID, she enjoyed her junior/senior high school years sneaking into jazz clubs, biker bars, and salsa rooms…anywhere that live music could be heard.

Acceptance into the Berklee College of Music took her to Boston, where she learned “how to not sleep ever,” she says. “I was a dual major in jazz composition and performance, but I wanted to try everything, so I did…arranging, filmscoring… Finally, I took classes in song and lyric writing my senior year, and went ‘whoa’. As much as I loved playing with chords and melodies and textures, it took me to a whole new place to add words. That’s like, crayons, Play-Doh, and now paint! That’s a good time.”

After graduation, Kami, checked out Nashville for a while, writing to her heart’s content and playing clubs and colleges frequently. A buzz grew quickly, reaching both New York and L.A., and presenting her with a co-publishing deal (Criterion Music Corp.) as well as a recording contract with MCA Records.

Kami’s first album, Blue Cinderella, produced by Hugh Padgham (Sting, Melissa Etheridge, Phil Collins) put her on VH1 with the single “Polka Dots” and was well-received by critics and fans alike.

She recently moved house to Cape Cod, MA, where she released her second album, Ten Songs, and is currently recording her third.

With a distinctive new voice and unique style, this singer/songwriter, trumpet player/pianist has a powerful impact on audiences, leaving listeners spellbound with the musical potions she creates.

Armed with pen, paper, and trumpet, Kami Lyle continues to brave a whole new path with a highly impressive collection of self-penned songs. Whether lush and mysterious or playfully coy, this artist is a cool splash of water to any listener’s face.